Why A Woman Will Have A Private Baby Scan

Having a private baby scan is becoming more common across the UK. There are a number of reasons for this. Getting images with the best technology is one reason. Another is to have newer images and updates between NHS scheduled scans. Yet another reason for private scan is due to anxiety.

Women who have private scans are often anxious about the health and welfare of their unborn babies. Private scans typically use the latest technology, like 3D or 4D. They provide greater detail and can also provide greater reassurance that all is well with the baby.

Other women want a private baby scan so they can have souvenirs to show their friends and family. Private facilities give women copies of the images they take, so they can see what their growing babies look like before they're born. These photos are often placed in infant photo albums or baby books.

Some women have had miscarriages. They tend to have greater anxiety about the welfare of their unborn babies. They may also want the scans done early, to identify any possible problems or any signs of impending miscarriage. Early scans can be done as soon as 7 weeks and can alleviate some concerns related to early pregnancy.

Many women are concerned about the shortage of roughly 3,500 midwives in the UK. This means women may not be getting the one on one care and continuity of care they would expect. This can contribute to anxiety about the pregnancy as well. A private baby scan helps reassure women when they are anxious about the pregnancy. 

A private baby scan may catch minor or major problems in between authorized or scheduled scans done by the NHS practitioners. It is a good way to be reassured of the health of a baby. It's also a great tool for women who have had problems such as miscarriages and other pregnancy related issues in the past. They are likely to have more anxiety about their pregnancies than other women and private scans can help them relax and focus on having healthy babies.

The NHS typically pays for scans at 12 and 20 weeks. But, sometimes there is a reason to do more. Sometimes it's a matter of providing reassurance to new mothers or those who have concerns about previous issues. Providing reassurance to an expecting mother is a great reason to have a private baby scan at a private facility.

Private baby scans are confidential. They often use the latest technology, so they are more likely to catch problems when they arise. They are also a great tool for putting the minds of new parents at ease, when they are anxious about the well being of their newborn babies. The NHS does a couple scans, one early and one later in the pregnancy. Some expecting parents want to see how their babies are doing and how they're growing in between those times. These are the most common reasons private scans of unborn babies are so popular among expecting women in the UK.